Welcome to your expert for Trade and Corporate Law, International Contracts, Intellectual Property, Risk Management and Compliance

In order to secure your entrepreneurial success I’m pleased to support you by
- competent consulting  in Business Law, especially International Contracts
- implementation/optimization of your Risk Management system, also regarding Projects
- implementation of guidelines and effective measures to ensure proper Corporate Governance in compliance with applicable law

Concentration on the mitigation of major risk-relevant issues as well as cost efficiency and pragmatism are the driving forces of my consultancy services.

In my competence fields Business Law, Risk Management and Compliance I have worked in different Groups of Companies in the Machinery and Plant Engineering business being responsible for the Legal Department, the Risk Management Department, as Compliance Officer, as member of Safety, Management and Advisory Boards and also as University Lecturer in International Management.

By taking advantage of my consultancy services you will create a reliable business environment for your company and your projects allowing you to rest easy and to protect you from incalculable project and personal liability risks.

A flat-rate service approach on a monthly basis or my taking-over of respective interim management responsibilities within your company can be discussed individually.

Due to my experience as member of a supervisory board and in my competence fields I’m looking forward to a respective appointment to your board.