Trade and Corporate Law, International Contracts, Intellectual Property

Legal services for international Groups of Companies and Family-owned Businesses

  • I.Trade Law: Development and implementation of General Terms and Conditions respectively Framework Contracts (e.g. Sales and Purchase Contracts), Project and Co-operation Agreements (Letter of Intend etc.), Plant Engineering Contracts as well as Contracts for Sales of Machinery and Process Lines, Participation in negotiations of International Contracts
  • II.Corporate Law: Consulting Executives and Members of Management Boards as well as Advisory and Supervisory Boards, Personal Liabilities within a Group of Companies and in Family-owned Businesses (incl. D&O Liability Insurances), Foundation of international Subsidiaries as well as Partnerships and Joint-Ventures, Representation in Mediation and Arbitration Procedures
  • III.Intellectual Property: Patent- and Licensing Agreements, Confidentiality/Non Disclosure Agreements, Know How-Transfer Agreements, Research and Development Agreements

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