Assessment and legal evaluation of compliance-relevant business acts and implementation of compliance structures in order to provide sound legal protection of the members of the management board and the supervisory board as well as the employees

  • Set-up of a tailor-made compliance system
  • Integration of data protection, anti-corruption, anti-trust, taxes and export control
  • Taking-over of the position of the Compliance Officer including risk analysis, documentation and training
  • Implementation of a Whistleblower- or Ombudsman-system also taking over the respective positions
  • In-house supervision of investigations of the State Attorney or other public authorities as well as being company-appointed coordinator and contact person of the state authorities

Especially internationally acting companies are obliged by law to introduce effective, documented measures world-wide ensuring a Corporate Governance in compliance with applicable law (anti-corruption, anti-trust, tax, data protection, export control). In case the State Attorney or other public authorities pursue alleged offences you need to prove the existence of effective measures and rules ensuring sound Corporate Governance.