Risk Management

Consulting Risk Management in Machinery and Plant Engineering Business

  • Identification and evaluation of project and company related risks, effective implementation of commonly defined pro-active measures to minimize risks
  • Implementation of tailor-made processes based on clear and simple to understand rules and guidelines
  • Individual assessment of projects by means of structured Risk and Chance Analysis (technique, commercial, finance, execution, contract), Cash-flow analysis and Cost calculations
  • Implementation of legally sound business structures incl. approval and review of projects
  • Monitoring of the major project phases proposal, contract negotiation, execution and close-out
  • Introduction of a reporting system concentrating on the major business indicators regularly providing a transparent view on your ongoing projects
  • Defining measures to minimize (product) liability risks
  • Increased transparency of the projects leading to quick reactions in case of mal-performance or other emerging risks avoiding project delays and cost increases
  • Advanced in-house training enhances the risk awareness of the employees (incl. „lessons learned“) and accelerates the sustainable implemention